GNU Terry Pratchett

GNU Terry Pratchett. This line is send by all my web-servers and my smtp-server as an extra-header from now on. Why? Because: “A man is not dead while his name is still spoken.” – Going Postal, Chapter 4 prologue, by Sir Terry Pratchett. What’s behind this “GNU Terry Pratchett” stuff? On GNU Terry it is […]

Published my Open Source Libraries on GitHub


I finally published my open source libraries on After having written I don’t how many lines of code, and using lots of open source software in the process, I decided it’s time to give something back. I always had this in mind when I wrote these libraries in the first place.  Some have also been […]

Atom and RSS feeds fixed

Today I noticed that this blog’s feeds are broken. The good news first: I have the Atom and RSS feeds fixed again. Now to the culprit. While looking into the issue, I noticed that a specific plugin was responsible for it. As this plugin was not really configurable, and I didn’t feel much inclined to […]

Happy Pi-Day 2014!

Pi (3.1459)

Happy Pi-Day! This is slightly off-topic, but on the other hand, it isn’t: today is pi-day! What’s that? It’s March 14th – or 3/14 in the English date-format. And that, as the mathematically aware among you will notice, are the first digits of the number “pi”, which is 3.14159265359… (it’s an irrational number as you know, […]

Large Posts in WordPress – A Short Trip Into Insanity

Today, I was writing a rather large post in WordPress, my blogging software. When I was done writing it, I clicked on publish, as usual, and then on “View Post”. I was rather shocked to see my large post, while it was displayed absolutely correctly in the editor, was empty when viewed as a normal […]

Protect Your Emails

Protect Your Email

Since the NSA-scandal, WhatsApp and other disasters, the “public” has suddenly become aware of the fact that sending something over the internet might not always be the best of all ideas, unless it is somehow protected. At least when it comes to instant messaging, that is. When it comes to emails, most people still send […]

GUI for GnuPG – A Brief Description

When you install a program on Windows, usually you get it with a GUI. Not so with GnuPG. GnuPG is a command-line interface (CLI) tool. By tradition, by the way, because on Unix/BSD/Linux, where GnuPG originates from, it’s also (still) just a CLI tool. If you want a GUI for GnuPG, you need to look for […]

Windows 7 will not boot anymore and how to fix it

When your Windows 7 will not boot anymore, and you get this error-message “BOOTMGR is missing”, usually the Windows Repair-Tools can help. But not always. Searching the internet for just this error leads to the following: If Windows 7 will not boot, use the Repair-Tools, they say If it’s really just the BootMgr that’s missing, […]

SSL-Certificates for everyone

SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) has become an important aspect in securing data-transfer over the internet. It’s used in almost every standard transmission protocol that utilizes encryption. Though I will speak of “SSL” within this post, SSL has actually been superseded by TLS (Transport Layer Security). What has used SSL in the past is usually using TLS today, if the appropriate software supports TLS. Downward compatibility for SSL is usually always available on both client and server-side.
Examples for protocols using SSL/TLS are HTTPS, IMAPS, POPS, SMTP (with StartTLS) or SMTPS, FTPS and too many more to list. The most well-known use of SSL/TLS however is HTTPS.
An integral part of SSL (and TLS) are so-called SSL-keys and SSL-certificates.
This blog-post deals with how to get officially valid SSL-Certificates without paying loads of money.

Creating a Plugin-Framework for Android – A résumé.

A plugin-framework for Android would be a nice thing to have for apps. That was my thought when I made the first drafts for my latest app, RoleDice, and another app I won’t reveal publicly, yet. So I started out to look how I could possibly realize a Framework to enable apps to be extended […]